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Proiect înscris în ediția 2016 a Romanian Building Awards
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Centru spa Zenith

Zenith spa Center

Proiect înscris de

Bogdan Neagu

Informaţii despre proiect

Hoteluri și restaurante
500 mp
500.000 euro

Echipa de proiect

Alpha Construct
Mamaia Resort Hotels
arh. Bogdan Constantin Neagu

- Oanta Iulian - arhitect
- Dana Stanciucu - arhitect
- Ema Moroianu - arhitect
- Theodoru Nicolae - arhitect
- Paul Marasoiu - consultant turism
- Calin Botez - ing. structuri

Stadiu incipient

We’re talking about a hotel structure built in 1968 which functioned until 2004 under the name of Hotel Jupiter Junona. In 2005 it was taken by a private investor who renovated the hotel in order to bring it to a 4-star standard. Problems that needed solving: - the necessity of a spa space for extending the season to 12 months/ year In order to extend the season for a year long period (taking into account that a short romanian seaside season implies bigger costs and affects the quality of the services) it was necessary that a complementary function to the hotel was added. - because the hotel is located as Head perspective for seafront for both north and south (seafront has a tease Z on this area) it demanded a support for this double orientation by an iconic element - - transforming the transit zone into one of urban interest, like a public square

Scopul proiectului

Benefiting from the existence of a swimming pool separated from the hotel by the promenade, we considered that placing the spa centre adjacently to the pool would be a great opportunity. The spa is connected by a gangway to the main accommodation building. We wanted the gangway and the spa building to become a unit, impacting the long-distance view (it can be seen from hundreds of meters away both from North and South). The access into the spa is done through the accommodation building. The functions on the first level are: two massage rooms, jacuzzi area, Finnish sauna with a window to the sea, emotional showers, bar and lounge, bathrooms, access to the ground floor and swimming pool. Ground floor: gym, saline, humid sauna (hammam), bathrooms, technical spaces, connection to pool and beach. The facade was created as a dominant element, being designed to serve as a screen for video mapping. The results were positive. On the outside, we created an installation for the permanent placing of a cinema projector.

Descrierea proiectului

We aimed to extend the touristic season in order to revitalise the area and to hire the crew of 80 for the whole year, without interruptions, which would also have an impact in the rise of the quality of services and the reduced maintenance costs. The employees who work only for a few months per year cannot reach the same level of performance which is needed for the current standards and the annual costs for the maintenance of the hotel lead to high prices for the client/tourist which leads to the romanian seaside being not as attractive as others. The placement choice of the spa was made in order to create an urban space with a polarising role and an iconic landmark for the promenade.


After its first season, the objective found real success both because its spa function as well as for its urban impact. The big crowds of tourist gathering day and night and their selfies with the seaside wonder exceeded our expectations.

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