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Proiect înscris în ediția 2016 a Romanian Building Awards
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Ferma Animalelor

The Animal Farm

Proiect înscris de

Octavia Floria Popeea
OOPY Arhitectura

Informaţii despre proiect

Pantelimon Strada Sfântul Gheorghe nr.20

Echipa de proiect

OOPY Arhitectura
regie proprie beneficiar
dl Mihai Petcu
arh. Vlad Barladeanu , arh. Octavia Floria Popeea, arh. Iustin Popescu , arh. Ilinca Moroianu , arh. Andreea Navirca, arh. Andrei Nicolae, arh. Alexandru Mantoiu, arh. Maria Morariu - MOKA Studio, arh. Raluca Niculica - MOKA Studio

- Marian Chirianu - ing. structura de rezistenta
- Raluca Pacurar - teh. structura de rezistenta
- Carmen Constantin - ing. instalatii
- Bogdan Anania - ing. instalatii
- George Cristescu - ing. instalatii
- Valentin Mirea - fotografie de arhitectura

Stadiu incipient

Approach for the recovery of a deserted barn from the the old Pantelimon farm and architectural conversion. Relocated and regenerated the barn gains new values: access and signal element with reference to tradition.

Scopul proiectului

"The Animal Farm" was born from the client's desire to create a space dedicated to the interaction between public, especially children, and the domesticated animal's world. Our design scope is the acces pavillion, the signal element for the entire ensemble.

Descrierea proiectului

The wooden structure and especially the spatial morphology of the barn were kept and highlighted by the expression continuity of wood in all its forms, from structure, facades and finishes. The ground floor houses the main functions: space for events, education and recreation, reception and ticket area, restaurant area, enclosed terrace, kitchen (office, kitchen preparation, storage, changing rooms,toilets, access for staff, heating plant, customer toilets,) souvenir shop. The second floor accommodates the following functions: lobby, two spaces for events, two administrative offices, toilets. The interior design of " The Animals Farm" is a project where the cottage, rustic atmosphere, smell of wood and fresh air blend. In terms of ideas, the design came to reality as a traditional space rediscovered and recovered. Thus the former barn is renovated and converted into a space for events. multifunctionality and specific coexist as: dining room, store, kitchen with serving area, playground for children, administrative areas and toilets. The ensemble is dedicated both to farm visitors and to people who want to spent time in a picturesque area, away from the busy life. The materials used for the interior were wood, glass, expanded metal sheet, and MDF for furniture. The room is airy, being a transit area between the outside and the farm. The staircase is a special area that hosts an area for exotic birds – practically a part of the farm is brought from outside into the heart of the barn. Plot area = 43.838,00 sqm Ground floor area =506,70 sqm Total built area = 709,40sqm Pavilion dimensions: L = 42,50sqm / l = 19,50 sqm. Height = 8,50sqm


The place created at "The Animal Farm" succeeded in creating a very attractive place, dedicated to the public, especially for children, that can spend time here, play and learn about domestic animals in an active way. From an architectural point of view the recovery and conversion of the abandoned barn was an important mean of expressing the values of architecture.

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