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Proiect înscris în ediția 2016 a Romanian Building Awards
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Reabilitarea Parcului Tineretului

Youth Park

Proiect înscris de

Diana Talos
Ars Longa

Informaţii despre proiect

Infrastructură urbană
1200000 euro
Baia Mare str. Campul Tineretului

Echipa de proiect

Ars Longa
Municipiul Baia Mare
arh. Diana Talos, arh. Flaminiu Talos, arh. Adelina Bolot

- Radu Indolean - inginer instalatii
- Vasile Chiorean - inginer rezistenta
- Sztahura Mark - architect - details
- Ioana Curelariu - architect - site survey
- Andreea Balgaradean - architect -site survey

Stadiu incipient

Previous state The place, an “extra muros” place has its history of being a buffer zone for the town. A town that tried to be developed here as a resort, as a residentcial with villas and so one. The private ownership of the land was changed when it was donated to the town in order not to be built upon and to be developed here as a park. Things changed again and the place was endowed in the communist era with a pavilion that became a museum, with a commemorative monument, with facilities for a stadium built upon a older one. So, the area is very layered with many interventions which were neither taken to completion. Among this developments remain timeless and valuable the pictures done by the Baia Mare School of Painting at the beginning of the XX century that represented the area always as an open field where you could take panoramic views over the surrounding mountains and where you could stay near a haystack and sketch the characteristic skyline of the town. Being at the bottom of the mountains near the town's crossing river here we have a muddy area with lots of infiltration water. Debris from the mountains is layered here. It looks like a plane but underneath we have valley with seasonal different degrees of water accumulation.

Scopul proiectului

Aim of the intervention Hard to be used over the entire year the area was to be partly drained; in the future it is proposed even a lake to store the running waters for embellishment and irrigation. So, step by step the park will link the area at the base of the mountains with the developing green zone along the Sasar River banks. Some continuous green lines like this are proposed along other former stream valleys that descend from the mountains. It is an aim that Baia Mare would became a greener city in order to change it s bad polluted name by years of former mining industrialization. So as an undisclosed aim of the project is to create around this park the firs green district of the town. The four hectares intervention was also to be a different kind of a park to accommodate different interests, different functions, a garden of activities, an open platform or as seen from above : a painter's canvas. We had to cover for all ages that would use this park and partially we achieved our goal. Vistas to the characteristic landscape and with the skyline of the town that were to be rediscovered and preserve are open now. The school of art finds here a place to reopen its ateliers. It is probably just a field, a pasture, a meadow, a green patch to remain in the structure of the town.

Descrierea proiectului

Description The patch is boarded by vegetation that is to give in the future the impression of a valley with framed spots marked with special plants from where you can see the characteristic vistas. The alleys are not shortcuts, they are lines molding softly over the landscape, they do not lead somewhere, they are silent promenades or jogging circuits. Some people already know how many kilometers and calories they measure. The pasture has now leads and it is so to be crossed over with bare feet. It is soft and dense, a treat. It is open for family picnics and large enough to find your own spot. The children area, when they do not wander among the remaining bushing area mimics the layout of the surrounding mountains. The circuits can be put in a game to be played in order to conquer the peaks and win the throne. Every peak has also a real correspondent. Again, we work with soft materials. The area makes a nice transition to the border with the ethnographic open air museum and balances for the desired symmetry to the neoclassical existing pavilion. The lighting, mostly white LED planned is to create a whole different atmosphere in the evening. We lit the vegetation, the pavilion and different specially arranged spots and lines in the park. The park is to be developed in the south part with a flower garden to accommodate all the memorials done for these area. In the north we made a platform in front of the classical pavilion to be linked we the other park of the town: the Queen Mary Park. Assessment The park is to be seen as a simple green rectangle, a non - pretentious intervention that makes a great difference, that gives beck historic vistas, places, memorials and nice quiet, soft afternoons moments.


Evaluation The facebook page that was launched by the people that use this urban green platform keep us to date about the impact that our intervention has. The multiplicity of uses and user, the universal acceptance of the project encourage to promote this kind of approach which puts behind the scene any grand gesture of design and focus on people and long time usage.

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