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Proiect înscris în ediția 2016 a Romanian Building Awards
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Cărturesti Carusel

Cărturesti Carusel

Proiect înscris de

Radu-Nicolae Antonescu
Capitel Avangarde

Informaţii despre proiect

2000000 E
București Strada Lipscani, nr. 55, Sector 3

Echipa de proiect

Capitel Avangarde
Reton , Donautherm, Front Group Construct
Ioan Nicolae Ghrissoveloni, Sibylle-Elena Manou, Elena-Irina Averoff, Irina-Maria Tsatsos
arh. Georgeta Gabrea, arh. Maria-Cristina Rachitan-Gabrea, arh. Cristina Sarbu, arh. Ioana Popovici, arh. Claudiu Varlan, arh. Simona Dimitriu, arh. Cristina Sternatis, arh. Dragos Milotin, arh. Venera Trisnevschi, arh. Simionescu Mihai, arh. Emeric Hamos

- Cristina Anca Ionescu - Verificator arhitectura conform cerintei L422
- Ioan Vale - Verificator arhitectura conform cerintei C
- Dan Trisnevschi - Verificator arhitectura, izolatii
- Traian Popp - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Madalin Coman - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Irina Radu - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Dragos Marcu - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Nelu Badea - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Florin Voica - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Mihaela Ivanus (Dumitriu) - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Dan Sinu - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Simona Savastre - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Cristina Nastasa - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Roxana Georgescu - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Georgetaâ Lemnaru - Popp&Asociatii - Structura
- Mircea Mironescu - Expertizare Ministerul Culturii
- Iulian Dascalescu - SC Loial SA - Instalatii
- Dan Lacatus - Diriginte de santier
- Alexandru Dinu-Serban - Fotograf
- Gheorghe Ciupitu - Sef de santier
- Marius Clonda - BTM Proconstruct - Restaurare si refacere ornamente interioare si fatada
- Mihai Mafteiu - Sami Consult - Studiu Geoelectric
- Cezar Culita - Agisfor - Cercetare si executie sprijiniri speciale
- Cosmin Coriciuc - Front Group - Project management
- Bogdan Macrineanu - Front Group - Project management
- Raluca Nicolaescu - Front Group - Project management
- Adrian Cancer - Square One - Design Interior
- Sabin Dumitriu - Square One - Design Interior
- Ioana Vladescu - Square One - Design Interior
- Cristian Gheorghiu - MCR Construct
- Cristian Mureanu - Project Management Cărturești

Stadiu incipient

At the beginning of the project , the building was in an advanced grade of destruction. From the structural pont of view, the construction needed to be reinforced. The inside decoration was in a bad state,too. Half of the underground level was filled with earth. But for me it was “Un coup de foudre” when I entered it the first time. The building is an historical monument, code LMI B - II -m - B -19 040, under the name "Store house" – built at the late nineteenth century.The street on wich the building was built is in the historical centre of Bucharest, on Lipscani street. The evolution of properties was not very well known, so that the most documented informations are from the XIXth century. That’s also the case of this building. We found an Building Permit from 1891, in which the owner, Mr. Eleutheriade asked to repair the façade and the roof. In 1903, the building was bought by the Chrissoveloni family. In 1904, the old building was demolished and in its place was built the existing one.We found the building permit from 1904, with Nicolae Cuţarida’s project, after the completion of construction (neither the Chrissoveloni family had it).

Scopul proiectului

The building is private property, owned by The Chrissoveloni Family . They wanted to bring it back to the public and make it live it’s new life. They wanted all the time to make of it a public space, where people can meet, Cultural and commercial activities were the aims of the owners. So, the perfect people who rented the building were the owners of Carturesti, who went futher with the project with a design team of young architects and designers who sustained the reinforcement and restoration solutions with the design wich respected the spatiality and personality of the building.The financement was supported by the family for the reinforcement and restoration and by Carturesti, for the interior design.

Descrierea proiectului

The ground built area of the building is about 390,00 sqm and the total built area is 1,100 sqm. The buiding has an underground floor, a ground floor, a first floor and an attic. The result of research and materials testing showed that the central round pillars at ground level and oat the first level were in concrete, with the diameter of 25 cm. Important moments of the design were: 1. At the removal of the soil from the basement, it was found in the building of Blănari approximately 2.00 m high of empty space. We changed the foundation solution. The principle of reinforcement was to create a box that let loose columns and preserved architecture of the building. 2. At the scraping facade, we found the real shape of the openings of the former façade and original ornaments The cover of the roof, was replaced by glass overlooking the Lipscani street. Decorations, columns and their sockets are white to achieve a dynamic light and shadows design at different times of the day.


The restoration took account of (1) the test results (2) legal problems in terms of land, Lot 1 (the building of Lipscani 55) was separated from Lot 2 (the building from the street Blănari no. 15) and the object of the project was only the building C1 (Lipscani 55) (3) discoveries during scraping, the desire to restore the image of the Lipscani street, a landmark, with as many elements of authenticity possible. (4) the issue of control of the project budget . (5) The building must respond to the standards of comfort and contemporary image to reborn and become again a landmark. The building had a central hall on the ground floor and 1st floor, with side showrooms. The floor attic was a stained glass skylight that hid the structure. At the beginning of the project we wanted to restore the stained glass with an area of approx. 100,00mp. We dropped it.

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