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Proiect înscris în ediția 2016 a Romanian Building Awards
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Farmacia Dona

Dona Pharmacy

Proiect înscris de

Matius Ichim

Informaţii despre proiect

Centre comerciale
60000 Euro
Iasi Piata Unirii, nr. 2

Echipa de proiect

Nico Villa
arh. Matius Ichim

- Razvan Ivanica - arhitect

Stadiu incipient

The complex process of re-branding was launched in the spring of 2014, will have an implementation period up to five years and will cover over 230 units all over the country. Beneficiary wanted a design that fully reflect the principles underlying the new positioning of the brand. The general requirement was to preserve the appearance of rigorous pharmacy, but also to offer a warm and welcoming air. To give both patients and pharmacists, the ideal space for the optimal activity counseling in pharmacy.

Scopul proiectului

The new design took into account first of all to improve the consumer experience in DONA pharmacy, but also to increase the comfort of pharmacists. Have been optimized exhibition spaces, were redesigned points of interaction with patients, so as to facilitate effective communication, improved solutions used for lighting. Overall, the pharmacy has a modern but warm and inviting at the same time. Lastly, rearranging pursued green principles in terms of resource consumption in the pharmacy.

Descrierea proiectului

The new design is treated as a separate identity. Rigorous appearance, requiring mandatory technical elements, is undermined by the pleasant atmosphere, warm and welcoming to any patient in need. His experience is the real engine that caused this change because every one of us should feel safe but at the same time benefit from the personal space can freely talk with the pharmacist. The new concept is based on a permanent visual dialogue and showcase serene invites to a space almost unnaturally permissive and accessible, while wood floors and light within speak for themselves about how pleasant, refreshing is the return to nature and healthy life.


Dona is a first in the retail pharm in terms of amenities. Thus, it opted for composite materials, antiseptics, secure glass and consultation area has an integrated design. Applying echo-friendly principles were used lighting projectors made with the latest technology Philips LED, easily to insert in hanging rails. Producing light source is the LED pills with life up to 50,000 hours, with an energy consumption report versus conversion in lumen, superior to any previous technologies based metallic iodide. Scenography lighting is layered, dosing the light distribution exactly where you expect to meet: a consultation plan treatment, a study product labels and in areas of interaction. Warm light, yellowish, is directed hierarchical levels, perfectly adapted to the circadian rhythm.

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