PREMIILE NAŢIONALE PENTRU SPAŢIUL CONSTRUIT Romanian Building Awards Perioada de înscriere a proiectelor s-a încheiat!
Premiile Naționale pentru Spațiul Construit
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Premiile Romanian Building Awards 2017!

3.choreography studio folk dance.jpg

Studios for alternative art education at Tudor Jarda School of Arts

arh. Paul Mihai Moldovan, arh. Anamaria Moldovan, arh. Florin Vasile Lazăr, arh. Eszter Szoke, arh. Ștefan Ionuț Perșe
We’re also responsible for the interiors of the 8 spaces for alternative art education and content creation. 6 out of these spaces Choreography studio: folk dance, Orchestra and jazz studio, Choreography studio: classic/modern/contemporary dance, Fa... vezi proiect

Mențiuni speciale Romanian Building Awards 2017!


Racovita House

arh. Corina Dindareanu
The house consists of a compact volume of 11m height (height regime being at least 10m max. 15m), with ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor(partially) facing the street, similar in size to the adjacent buildings, and a lower body (only ground floor) with a lig... vezi proiect
Electric Castle 01.jpg

Electric Castle

arh. Silviu Aldea, arh. Catalin Iliescu, arh. Agnes Szorcsey
The architectural project consists of numerous larger and smaller elements, dispersed throughout the surrounding park of the castle. The main challenge of such sort of intervention is to create easy-to-build, affordable and low-tech structures adapted to ... vezi proiect


arh. Vlad A. Gaivoronschi
The whole ensemble is made of 3 parts developed in successive stages which form a small coherent city in the shape of a flat, cut out massive, penetrated by gateway streets, which reinterpret the existing typology of the historic part of the city, that of... vezi proiect
2016_VladEftenie_View across Ostasilor street from 6th floor showing retracted top floors.jpg

Ostașilor 8

arh. Monica Despina Sache, arh. Mariana Cârstoiu, arh. Andrei Moldoveanu, arh. Irina Maria Georgescu, arh. Vitali Andrei Stanilă
Negotiating the urban requirements and the particular vicinities, the mixture of large volumes (ground floor and 6 stories) aligned to a medium sized street, the building takes on one of the themes of modernist architecture, the terraced volumetric. The... vezi proiect
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