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Proiect înscris în ediția 2017 a Romanian Building Awards
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Clinica Stomatologica TRIDENT

TRIDENT Dental Clinic

Proiect înscris de

Cristina Rachitan Gabrea
Architecture& Art Studio SRL

Informaţii despre proiect

2 000 000
Bucuresti Strada Louis Pasteur nr. 1A, sector 5, Bucuresti

Echipa de proiect

Architecture& Art Studio SRL
arh. Cristina Rachitan- Gabrea, arh. Cristina Sirbu, arh. Daniel Rosu

- Mircea Neacsu - proiectant structuri

Stadiu incipient

The dental clinic was built on a 651 sqm land which is located in the central area of Bucharest, in Cotroceni area. This area is a very sensitive area and it's a residential area. The profile of this area is very precious and it's characterized by historical valuable architecture. Following the technical analysis and urban situation, the initial volume was defined, this being the result of many issues and constraints.

Scopul proiectului

The three young doctors wanted to build a new building witch had to be planned exactly for their needs and for its function: a dental clinic. This came as a necessity as they were practicing their services in a rented space (as most dental practices) witch was not suited for this specific kind of medical service. The scope of works was defined by the doctors, as they wanted to build a new building that can accommodate the specific dental clinic spaces (including laboratories and other technical spaces), administrative offices, one training room and some resting spaces. The challenge of this project was to create a modern building, with a medical profile in such a sensitive urban area. The architecture of this building must express besides its functions, the fact that this is a modern medical establishment, equipped according to the highest European and international standards. Also, it must comply with the urban and architectural context of the area where it is located. The general expectations, regarding the architecture and its role in that specific area, were to bring back to life that corner of the street, to create a visible and elegant architecture object that will not be in conflict withe the rest of the existing surrounding buildings.

Descrierea proiectului

Thus, all these elements have become part of the creative process, generating dynamic and well-proportioned volumes. As an architectural gesture, the building represents a positive insertion, respecting the scale and profile of the existing urban and architectural identity. All the imposed urban and architectural regulations created the chance for a sculptural and modern architecture. The exterior finishes such as natural stone and aged copper, support the same idea: a modern architecture, but at the same time, respects the elegance of the area and existing buildings. The interior design follows the same principles as the architecture building. The reception area communicates with the exterior through the transparency of the glass and offers a welcoming atmosphere in a modern, elegant space. The reception desk is the central element. Its positioning is accentuated by a blue insertion in the general floor that is also projected in the ceiling design. Thus, the simple volume of the reception desk is placed in a frame that defines it. The general design, characterized by simplicity, clear volumes, materials and textures is enriched by elements that animate the space. Thus, in the background of the reception has been proposed a TV-wall, and in the waiting area was placed a fish tank, recessed in the wall which delimits the children waiting area. On the first floor, the medical spaces were treated in the same style: minimalism and playful at the same time. By using a colorful the graphic design, each space became unique and personal, and the visual perception of the space became natural and logical. The design intention was to eliminate the old ideas and fears about the medical spaces and enhance the doctor-patient relationship in a friendly and playful (non-stress) manner.


Our target was realized, we managed to create a new and modern building in a very difficult and diverse urban grid, a building witch manages to communicate its purpose in an elegant and discreet way, witch manages to turn the heads of the pedestrians, a building with its own personality that doesn't create any conflict with the surrounding constructions. The clients were very satisfied with the final result- that, from all perspectives, reflects their way of being, thinking and interacting with their patients.

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