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Proiect înscris în ediția 2017 a Romanian Building Awards
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Spatii inteligente si interconectate

Smart and connected spaces

Proiect înscris de

Teodora Elena Grozavu-Albu

Informaţii despre proiect

Clădiri de birouri
Bucuresti Strada Dimitrie Pompeiu, nr 6, Bucuresti

Echipa de proiect

Deutsche Bank
arh. Teodora Grozavu-Albu

- Dragos Beldie - Project Manager
- Mihai Popescu - M&E
- Daniel Paul - Detail Design Architect
- Alexandra Jarca - Junior Architect

Stadiu incipient

The project refers to an office building placed in Pipera, Upground Business Development in Bucharest. The intervention ‘s aim is to dedicate part of the private space inside to the people. The project includes: the remodeling of the reception area, both inside and outside the building, the transformation of a big storage space found in the ground floor into an auditorium/multipurpose space with several functionalities, for both private and public events and also a new design for an existing classical office floor into a digital flexible workplace opened for creating a collaboration hub between professionals with similar passions. The ground floor of this building was before a huge storage space for the building, with no other functionalities, addressed only to the companies inside the building.

Scopul proiectului

Multifunctional Space and Reception of the building The architect and client aimed to transform this private, closed space into a multifunctional room dedicated to the people. The result of this brainstorimg of the two parties involved - A space dedicated to the people working in this part of the city, for entertaining and business purposes, both public and private. Enhancing a business center with entertaining and dynamic functionalities is more than welcomed in order to improve the life of the people working in the corporate business. The Digital Workplace The concept is based on the idea of changing the traditional working style to a more flexible one, based on collaboration and exchange of ideas with professionals with same passions and visions. The initial space which was redesigned in orfer to fulfil this purpose was a traditional office space, closed, with assigned desks for private working. The client realized that creativity and openness to the new challenges of the business world can be fed-up by creating a working environment dedicated to each type of the people’s personalities. This was the theme for the architect, who created the City Within concept.

Descrierea proiectului

The transformation of the old storage and reception of the building started by creating a concept to unify the spaces throughout a continuous architectural language which will define a vivid space addressed only to the people, as main center of interest. The multifunctional space or auditorium is addressed to three distinct public or private events: gym classes in the morning, IT and banking conferences/workshops/events during working hours and entertaining activities such as theater, dancing, parties in the evening. The space can be divided into two separate spaces with dimmable independent lighting and sound. All the finishes used are appropriate for all these activities: gym, dance, theater, conferences etc. The walls have acoustic wall panels finish for the best sound absorbtion and reverberation, the flooring is specially design for best dance and gym experiences, the lighting concept includes 7 different scenarios for each of the individual spaces for the activities mentioned, two retractable projection screens will be used for conferences. The furniture concept was created to accommodate all these scenarios: there are bleachers in the back of the space for better visibility and also to create a feeling of a theater room to the people and also flexible/foldable seating for workshops/conferences which can be removed during sports or entertaining activities.On the sides of the space, during sports activities, mirror walls can be folded to generate the feeling of a real sports hall for the people performing physical exercises. When these mirror walls are not folded, the acoustical panels at the height of 1 meter above the flooring can be folded also, to create catering buffets. Technical Description: • Reception And Multifunctional Space Total Area: 650sqm Functionalities: The reception of the building, Waiting Area, Cloack Room, Toilets, Wardrobes, Showers, Kitchen, Multifunctional Room, Technical Rooms. Main Architectural Attributes:  -Vertical foldable wall;  -2 rooms with independent entrances;  -Posibility to use one area for working purposes and another one for entertaining activities and switch between them according with the needs;  -Revolving wall panels in the gym area with mirror on one side and acoustic insulation on the other side;  -Posibility to use the bleaches as free workshop area or other creative activities. -Ceiling: Open Ceiling, Acoustic Panels and Decorative Architectural Elements to cover unaesthetic ducts/pipes; Ducts, Pipes and structural Elements painted black – RAL 9005; -Flooring: Exposed Concrete Flooring – for the reception itself; Ceramic tiles – Showers, Toilets, Cloack Room, Kitchen; Vinyl Tiles – Multifunctional Room; -Walls: Gypsum walls covered with acoustical wooden layers – multifunctional room; waterproof gypsum walls with ceramic tiles finish – toilets, showers, kitchen, wardrobes; gypsum walls painted – RAL 9010 in the reception area. -Heating and cooling: Air-Handling Units integrated in the ceiling from the toilets area. For the digital, collaborative workplace, the concept imagines a city inside the building with all its specific functionalities and different types of areas: the piazza- place for socialization located in the center of the space where people interact and exchange ideas; production boulevard – the business/productive part of the city for intense working; the creativity pool and market of ideas – areas dedicated to creative, collaborative work with flexible and easy-adjustable furniture; Forest of Thoughts- symbol of the park/green area within the city, dedicated to quiet, concentrated work; The Kitchen designed as a downtown bar with a central stage and musical instruments where people can entertain themselves and – The Innovation Lab – the area where people from both inside the company and other professionals can work together and develop reserch projects together based on their common passions. The furniture, the finishes, the lighting concept are borrowed from the streets. Exposed concrete, brick walls were painted by grafitti artists with key messages to create an urban, public experience and feeling for the users. The linear lights all over the corridors guide the visitors of the city to key-areas where the user can perform his work the best. Both introverts and extroverts can find the ideal place to work, without being forced to integrate in a work environment not appropriate for them. The main interaction area, the so-called piazza – is the most used area because of the atmosphere created by the architect. The purpose was to remind the user of the joyful atmosphere within an Italian public market, with coffee-vans, coloured umbrelas and urban furniture, with bleaches surrounding the gathering central area and of course. In order to choose all the solutions described above, the architect’s main criteria was to use eco-friendly solutions to solve all the technical/functional challenges to design the desired space. The project team used LED lighting, FSC certified wood for acoustic panels and furniture, recyclable materials and finishes without volatile organic compounds. Technical Description: Total Area: 3250 sqm Functionalities: The reception of the floor, Open Space for Offices, Classical Meeting Rooms, Flexible Meeting Rooms, Kitchen, Lounge Areas, Innovation Center, Toilets, Technical Rooms. Main Architectural Attributes:  -Flexible Workplace; The people working there won’t have assigned offices, they will have the option to choose daily, depending on the activities performed in which area they prefer to work.  -Open Industrial Ceiling;  -Open Space divided in many small areas for different workstyles;  -Innovation Lab for External Collaborators, separated from the common space;  -Space imagined as a City with different types of activities;  -All the architectural elements and finishes used, the lighting and decoration concepts were designed in order to emphasize a different universe, the city within. -Ceiling: Open Ceiling, Acoustic Panels and Decorative Architectural Elements to cover unaesthetic ducts/pipes; Ducts, Pipes and Structural Elements Painted Black – RAL 9005 for open-space, kitchen; Gypsum Board ceiling for fixed Meeting-Rooms and Toilets. -Flooring: Carpet Tiles for Offices, Meeting Rooms, Lounge Areas; Vynil Tiles – Kitchen; Ceramic Tiles – Toilets, Technical Rooms. -Walls: Gypsum walls covered with exposed brick, exposed concrete painted with grafitti; waterproof gypsum walls with ceramic tiles finish – toilets; gypsum walls painted – RAL 9010 in meetings. -Acoustic freestanding panels were used as space dividers to separate different areas. -Heating and cooling: Air-Handling Units integrated in the ceiling from the toilets and kitchen area.


The big project had an important impact over the users. People are delighted to feel they have a space dedicated to their personal and professional development. It’s like a journey every day…they start their working days by performing sports activities, they collaborate with people inside and outside their companies, exchange ideas, improve their professional knowledge and in the evening they have the opportunity to socialize and entertain themselves together with their friends and families in order to balance work with social and family life. The private space doesn’t exist anymore, it’s given back to people and their needs.

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