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Proiect înscris în ediția 2017 a Romanian Building Awards
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Informaţii despre proiect

Clădiri de birouri
69,000 MP
54 mil E
BUCURESTI în Bd. Barbu Văcărescu nr. 201, sector 2 Bd. Barbu Văcărescu nr. 201, sector 2

Echipa de proiect


- MC GENERAL CONSTRUCT - Proiectat instalatii
- ALLIED ENGINEERS - Proiectant rezistenta

Stadiu incipient

“Bucharest One” was meant from the beginning to be a symbol for Bucharest, a recognizable architecture from every point of perspective. The location is suitable for this type of office building, being an area that has developed a lot over the last 5 years. This is one of the few buildings that can be seen from afar, from many locations around Bucharest. The project has definitely raised the level of the entire area, in economical and urban points of view. The position is unique in relation to the nearby buildings (office buildings, the mall), the bridge crossing Barbu Vacarescu Boulevard, the nearby metro station and the three major streets that link the north side of Bucharest with the center: the office building has access from both Floreasca Street and Barbu Vacarescu Boulevard. Beside from being a symbol for Bucharest, the project is also a great insertion in the urban masterplan, giving some of its land back to the pedestrians with its promenade, benches and exterior media screens.

Scopul proiectului

The project’s purpose, aside from becoming a landmark, is giving people a high class office environment, with a unique perspective over Bucharest from each and every one of its 23 floors.

Descrierea proiectului

“Bucharest One” consists in 2 buildings: a 23 floor office building, with 3 basements and a big commercial space in ground floor building B. The building is located on 201 Barbu Vacarescu Boulevard, district 2, between at the intersection of Floreasca street, Pipera Street and Barbu Vacarescu Boulevard. On this site was the Skoda showroom and other small buildings that have been decommissioned and demolished. The building has an gross area over the ground of 47.621,45 sqm and a gross area under the ground of 20.845,00 sqm with 514 parking spaces. The main function of the building is for offices, with a partial ground floor commercial space and 406 sqm dedicated for a restaurant. The building has 3 staircases for the upper structure, an exterior one which is an important architectural element and 2 interior ones, having 6 elevators from ground floor to last level. The rentable area is aprox. 1860 sqm. A main feature of the building is the entrance with its skylight, stainless steel columns, curved corian walls to the ceiling and a full height glass cladding with media screen insertions. From a structural point of view the constructor has overcome the challenge of building over two metro lines. The façade is composed of curtain walls on ground floor and 1st floor and façade elements on the upper floors, aluminum cladding, glass cladding and grooved panels.


The purpose has followed the concept and the result is a building which is a mixture of components: a pleasant transit space, an urban pedestrian space and a high class office building (LEED Platinum) incorporating all important elements within it, but also having the advantage of the unique position that offers accessibility from a public and personal transportation point of view, being thus a successful insertion in the urban tissue.

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