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Central District Cuza 99

Central District Cuza 99

Proiect înscris de

Azoitei Lucian
Forty Management& Investments

Informaţii despre proiect

Rezidențial - locuințe colective
4.500.000 eur
Bucuresti Bulevardul Alexandru Ioan Cuza 99

Echipa de proiect

Craft House Solutions
Forty Management& Investments
arh. Razvan Stefanescu, arh. Dragos Antonescu, arh. Madalina Acatrinei

- Andrei Moanta - structura
- Dragos Lazarescu - amenajari interioare

Stadiu incipient

Forty Management and Investments is a real estate developer of residential and commercial buildings. Our residential projects are developed under the Central District brand and are all built within the central ring of Bucharest, whilst our commercial projects cover a much larger area throughout the country and come under the name of Trade District. We seek to create places that inspire, projects where vision and thoughtful design add lasting value. This is what turns our promise into a responsibility to never compromise to mediocrity. Central District – Cuza 99 (2017) This is a residential apartment building, situated, as the rest of the Central District developments, in the very heart of the city. The particularity of this project stands in the way we’ve managed to thoughtfully design the apartments to make them stand out on the market. We’ve combined all the principles of structure, space, proportion and design with the desire to have functional, spacious rooms, to create something simple and beautiful: a home. A. OVERVIEW We had the opportunity to acquire this land with an area of ​​1250 square meters in the autumn of 2015, after having spent almost eight years on sale without anyone being interfered with. Its central location, in the inner ring of the city, with good accessibility to all areas of the city, 3 minutes from the metro station qualifies it for a residential real estate development. However, the land had many challenges: the irregular shape, with a small opening to the street and extension to the back area, 3 blind walls from 4 sides, an area of ​​houses with a Balkan influence (small house plus small garden), fragmentation of the area on the width and height (from ground floor on the left to ground floor + 3 floors on the right), thus made many investors to avoid this development. We, Forty Management, believe in sustainable development, and we believe that each plot has its potential, yet it is to succeed in identifying, understanding and capitalizing on it. The brief towards the architects was very simple: to offer our customers as much as possible in terms of quality of life at a minimum selling price. Simple, but extremely difficult to achieve it. We have asked to implement new concepts, some in Romania for the first time: modularity and innovative technical solutions. The architectural concept was created atypically for the Romanian market: we shot a 360-degree droning, frame with frame on the height of each floor and positioned the windows for the best possible view. We did a light study and positioned the living room and bedrooms according to how the light penetrates into the building. Architects have had this extraordinary idea of ​​creating a green building - there are over 800 square meters of trees and plants on the facade of the building- which has led us to the next step concept: a real green building, low consumption and sustainable project. A Green Building at this price level has not been achieved in Romania till us. The desire to build a green building, the technical requirements to fulfil that, led us to the application of some technical solutions for the first time in Romania.

Scopul proiectului

The project has been built and positioned according to our affordable luxury concept, that is to offer luxury at a low price. We have placed the project with only 10% higher than the equivalent of similar old apartment transactions - more than 20 years old - in the same area, while offering innovative, latest luxurious finishes at this price level. Along with an aggressive promotion through social media - Facebook in particular - we have succeeded in having the whole project sold in just 3 months from putting into market. At the start of construction, the project was fully sold, all in summer of 2016.

Descrierea proiectului

HIGHER QUALITY OF LIVING We've elevated the ground floor with up to 5 meters high and above the other buildings' ground floors, so that you can have your privacy, plenty of sun and a beautiful, quiet view. All of the apartments and interiors are conceived taking natural light into consideration. Easy access for cars through 3 different ramps, separate from the walk-in entrance. Underground parking for compact cars and ground floor parking for SUVs. Special parking for motorbikes and bicycles and electric cars. A building projected so that you don't have any kind of pillars in the house. Video surveillance system for your safety with 21st HD cameras. Windows that offer the best possible view for each apartment. Generous floor to ceiling windows that let in as much light as possible. Individual heating so that you can manage your costs. Underfloor heating for thermic confort, better control of the maintenance costs and thus eliminating the standard unaesthetic central heating units. Centralized air conditioning systemindividual for each apartment with wall evacuation for your thermal comfort and eliminating the unaesthetic indoor units. Generous storage spaces in every apartment, however small it may be. Terraces big enough to accommodate a table and 4 chairs so that you can enjoy your morning coffee outdoors. SMALL DETAILS THAT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE Architectural LED lightning of the building for lower expenditures. Ornamental stands for plants and trees on the façade and on the terraces, for your own corner of nature in the midst of concrete. Pergolas to control the sun on the bigger terraces. Specially climatized designed garbage storage, with separate access for sanitation. No visible gas pipes, neither indoors, nor outdoors. No visible AC units. A large, generous entrance hall and luxurious passageways, so that you can feel at home even beyond your apartment door. Individual thermostats so that you can independently control your indoor temperature and your maintenance costs. 7 chambers windows and micro ventilation for natural airing of your house with no thermal loss. Premium finishings and innovative architectural solutions, according to the latest worldwide design trends from international leaders like Marazzi, Ideal Standard, Samsung or Italporte. Interior design solutions awarded locally and internationally. Airy spaces, fluency even in tighter hallways, through inspired openings. In other words: harmony, illustrated by a unique architectural style. MODULAR APARTMENTS This is a unique concept of modularity and transformation of one’s home, according to the changes in your lifestyle. Milestones will change your lifestyle: at first, you might want to start a family, then your family will expand, your children will grow up and get their own place, and every one of these steps needs a different kind of accommodation. Ever since we've started the project we thought about giving you a house that you can adapt to these changes and that will be suited for a lifetime. It was an incredible challenge, but we believe we did it! We have created functional apartments, suited for the different lifestyles specific to several life stages: you can start with a 4 room apartment, designed for large and active families, and then transform it into a larger 3 room apartment, for a higher quality of life.Or maybe you'd want to turn that into a studio that you can rent and a 3 room apartment of your own. All of these scenarios of functional modularity are possible without improvisation and major construction costs, because they’ve been thought of ever since the beginning. EXCEPTIONAL PRICES We wanted to offer the very best, our entire experience, for an extraordinary value. We sell anything from double studios to 5 room apartments, for prices beginning with 53000 euro + VAT. The VAT will be of 5% or 20%, accordingly. Terraces, balconies, common spaces are all readily included in the value of your apartment.


Central District Cuza 99 is a project developed by Forty Management. It was important for our clients, for us, to show what we can do, so that our customers and the market understand our values. This project was a demonstration of know-how, vision and sustainability. We've been trying to give Cuza 99 clients a home, a beautiful place to live in, a place where maintenance living costs are minimal. The Cuza 99 is a carefully designed and environmentally friendly building, in which no detail was left to chance. In Cuza 99 we offered a high quality of living by creating: 4 separate car access, for an easy flowing traffic Access to the building only through ramps of max. 11 degrees, without any kind of steps 4 parking places with rapid charging systems for electric cars Special parking for bicycles and motorcycles The basement has a fan boosters and an automatic fire detection and extinguishing system. The basement is pressurized to evacuate the smoke in the event of a fire All apartments benefit from fully anti-flammable storage place of flammable materials (tires, etc.). 21 cameras for the safety of the residents. We removed the fences and replaced them with cameras Access barriers with sensor and GSM module that open the access door to the building Generous reception (60sqm) with handpainted walls, by a professional painter The blind walls of the surrounding houses are also handpainted to have a different view We renovated all the houses around the building on our cost, including the visible roofs. 27 tonnes water tank for water supply in case of fire Fire resistant facade system 60 minutes Ambiental music in common areas (basement, ground floor) To get access to green certification, you need to get a minimum score. According to the Romanian scoring system for the energy efficiency buildings, Cuza 99 achieves 100 points out of 100 possible. According to ROGBC’s (ROMANIAN GREEN BUILDING CONSEIL) score-card, Cuza 99 has 81 points out of 100 possible. To be able to achieve this, we have used some technical solutions that have the effect of low energy consumption and other modern solutions, but truly innovative, like using of active ceramics. Active ceramics are subjected to titanium dioxide treatment and, under the action of sunlight, have the ability to break the molecular structure of carbon dioxide - which generates pollution - into carbon and oxygen. Using this material generates oxygen through the same system as photosynthesis. In Cuza 99 there were 8,000 square meters of active ceramics ( raised floors, façade and acces), which together with the 800 square meters of green natural green, equals with 20 hectares of park, or 2400 trees! The construction of this building had the effect of reducing the pollution comparing with an empty plot. All the materials used in the construction process, our waste recycling capacity during the construction had an impact on the environment lower than the finished product. We calculated all the energy consumed and the energy consumption required for the Cuza 99 construction accounts for 18% of the consumption required for a similar building. Along with the fact that over the lifetime, this building has a positive impact on the environment through active ceramics, we qualify according to EU legislation to receive green certificates annually. For the ecofriendly section we can say, without false modesty, that we are champions! Everything we built was for an ecofriendly building that provides low maintenance costs and minimal maintenance. The Cuza 99 was designed as a 10-year timetable for no major maintenance operation. We have the following to follow your headings: LIGHTNING: All the architectural lighting of the facade, all the lamps of the 47th large flower pots, all the lights on the common parts are LED lamps, with very low power consumption. The total energy consumption for all common parts of the building is 3.8 kw / hour. The LED lights on the facade and the balconies are mounted at 90 degrees with low light output to not disturb inside the apartments. Lighting is controlled by light and remote sensors and adapted to light intensity. CLIMATE CONTROL: HEATING: We used a very modern technical solution. All apartments are equipped with underfloor heating with imitation wood ceramic finish, in combination with a condensing boiler. Considering that the ceramic heat transfer is 100% (compared to 70% for other types of flooring) and the boiler condensation efficiency is 130%, practically to achieve 24 degrees in the apartment, the boiler it works somewhere around 30 degrees Celsius. Instead of a classic heating system where the central unit operates in 55-60 degrees Celsius to warm the apartment to 24 degrees Celsius, gas consumption is at half, and hence the heating cost. Underheating system is Rehau, lifetime warranty and fully integrated in the BMS. Our impact studies show that the cost to heat a 30-day two-bedroom apartment with an outside / inside temperature difference of 35 degrees will amount to 35 euros / month. Losses through walls treated with thermosystems and 7-chamber joinery are minimal. COOLING: We first used in Eastern Europe, the new SAMSUNG units launched at the Barcelona fair in March 2017. We have a partnership with SAMSUNG ROMANIA and we are the first developers to implement these new equipments. We used multiple-mode 1way equipment with A40 ecofriendly temperature cooling agent with wifi, low operating noise, and human presence sensor. These 1way devices feature 2 flaps of sense, they are fully integrated into the ceiling to avoid being visible, dampers operating at low intensity when human presence and high intensity when not present, fully automatic. They are fully integrated into BMS, with their own Samsung Home application, controllable from anywhere in the world. WATER: We use very low consumption taps, red dot design award from Ideal Standard for low consumption of water. We have a water tank for the building of 27 tonnes to be used in case of fire or lack of water. RECYCLING: We are part of a pilot program of recycling together with Bucharest City Hall and Ministry of Enviroment. We have selected garbage, in a climatized specialised area and we are trying together with garbage processor to see how much we can recycle

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