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Proiect înscris în ediția 2017 a Romanian Building Awards
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Proiect înscris de

Mihai Radu Trif
Getrix S.A.

Informaţii despre proiect

Centre comerciale
10 mil. euro

Echipa de proiect

Getrix S.A.
Recon S.A.
Mercur S.A.
arh. Mihai Trif, arh. Adela Trif, arh. Vlad Ghita

- Peter Lukacs - Rezistenta
- Laura Oita - Instalatii sanitare
- Daniel Stan - Instalatii electrice
- Stefan Petre - HVAC
- Andrei Ciobanu - HVAC
- Stefan Canea - Curenti slabi

Stadiu incipient

From its very beginnings, in 1973, the Mercur Shopping Centre played a major part in the city and not only, both in the social, commercial area, and in the built area. However, a gradual deterioration began after 1990, though a range of superficial make-up interventions tried to slow this down in the 2000s, but without meeting commercial requirements. Thus, the Mercur Shopping Centre entered an accelerated degradation, which resulted in “depopulation” and “abandon”, both in terms of lessees, who relocated their business, and in the inhabitants’ conscience. In this gap of 20 years of fracture, the Mercur Shopping Centre managed to keep its status as a benchmark in the inhabitants’ affective memory. “Grasping” on to this advantage, of affective memory, the proposed solution has aimed at achieving a “shock” reaction, through a “resuscitation” on all plans: social, cultural, commercial, by reactivating it as a continuity and novelty element.

Scopul proiectului

- remodeling the facades - relocate the access from the eastern side of the building to the northen side, according to marketing solutions - ensuring spatial communication between levels by means of holes in the pavements of the first, second and third floor - fully restoring installations according to the guidelines in force - implementing a ventilated facade system on an existing structure, that helps increase the building’s energy efficiency - reorganizing the storage and technical areas - reconfiguring the inner space in order to meet new commercial/marketing requirements - the interaction between authorities, architects and client - creating new vertical circulation in the existing structure of the building - the 6-month time for the design and implementation of the project

Descrierea proiectului

The project aims at revitalizing the shopping center, both inside and outside, to create a new store concept to create a new type of marketing that will transform Mercur into a profitable business. The project proposes an innovative interior concept, based on the attraction of several main anchors - famous joints, completing the commercial activity with other attractive activities, services (public catering of various types, cineplex, fitness room), which must be found in the exterior image of the Center, through materials, volumetry and the most modern impact design. Old facades no longer corresponded physically and morally, and they were not commercially attractive. It was desirable to replace façade finishings with some modern high-quality ones. The building was energy-intensive, the redevelopment aiming at increasing energy efficiency and reducing consumption.


The investment costs for Mercur Center amounted to 10,000,000 euro. The Center has imposed a trend in the field of shopping and entertainment on the Craiova market since the opening. Its location in the center of the city has allowed it to develop unique experiences that are relevant to the consumer, so that it always comes back with the same pleasure. Location, ambience, innovation and diversity are just some of the arguments Mercur Center expects its customers

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