PREMIILE NAŢIONALE PENTRU SPAŢIUL CONSTRUIT Romanian Building Awards Perioada de înscriere a proiectelor s-a încheiat!
Proiect înscris în ediția 2017 a Romanian Building Awards
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Time Out

Time Out

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Informaţii despre proiect

Hoteluri și restaurante
105000 euro + TVA
Iasi, Romania strada Carol I, nr.4

Echipa de proiect

re-act now
in regie proprie
Best Bite
arh. Mario Kuibus, arh. Oana Purice, arh. Ruxandra Osiac, arh. Alexandru Radut, arh. Mihail Neagu, arh. Madalina Ghibusi

Stadiu incipient

A bar with an old fashioned discourse which offers a common image for the clients.

Scopul proiectului

A location in the central area of Iasi, at the beginning of a beautiful, green, well known universitary area is a potential „hot spot“ which must be very carefully studied. The arrangement was made in the context of changing the aesthetic paradigm, initially in the already functionable cafe in the above mentioned location. During this new intervention, it appeared also the opportunity for a new spatial extension towards the backside as a possible covered „hidden garden“.

Descrierea proiectului

Through the spatial extension, a new visual and functional context was created for the entire space. One of the most important zones, from the perspective of the dynamics is the bar which became the main element of the arrangement and in the same time, the connection between „nature“ and „urban“. „The hidden garden“ overwhelms the „urban“ zone, thus tempting the clients since the very entrance to the new space. The light, a key element of the arrangement, is thought so as to bring space inside the club, offering new perspectives. Thus, the new arrangement offers a dialogue between states and sensations : natural vs abstract, wood vs gray, opaque vs transparent, etc...


The newly created story overlaps upon a new urban cultural enterprise which actually invites the synergy of an overtextured esthetics to the state of a manifesto. In this context of overtexturing, the juxtaposition, the optical ilusion, the collage are the most used elements of the process, being used, even obsessively here and there, as repetitive instruments for implementing the manifesto. During this materialized „rush hour“ of the aesthetical instrumentalization, the sense of belonging to a universal culture was the conceptual engine that we have accessed in choosing the characteristic landmarks. Thus the metropolitan space is provokativ and at the same time provoked like a cultural perpetuum mobile that bents and draws up inside a big loop of a need to know the old and new values...

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