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Proiect înscris în ediția 2017 a Romanian Building Awards
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Piață Agroalimentară Centru

Central Agro-Food Market

Proiect înscris de

Dragos Mihai Dordea
NDC Arhitectural

Informaţii despre proiect

Centre comerciale
2180 mp
900000 euro inclusiv TVA
Buftea str. 23 August, 070000, Buftea, Ilfov

Echipa de proiect

NDC Arhitectural
Delta A.C.M.
Primăria Buftea
arh. Dragoș Mihai Dordea, arh. Radu Gîdiuță, arh. Dragoș Constantin Neamțu

- Ana Maria Popa - structură
- Dana Teodorescu - șef echipă instalații
- Eugen Mihăeșteanu - instalații sanitare
- Radu Dinu - instalații electrice
- Traian Avarvarei - Instalații termice
- Traian Avarvarei - Instalații termice
- Traian Avarvarei - Instalații termice

Stadiu incipient

The site lies at the crossroad of two streets in the central part of the city. It opens on two streets and has an irregular shape that goes deep inside the block. The former use was also an Agro Food Market, composed of several buildings grown over time around an initial main building built around the middle of the XX-th century. The other buildings - shanty shops and a metal shed with clothing shops were built in recent years, starting 1990, following no planning or project. The site was enclosed with a fence, allowing access only from 23 August St. Because of the poor state of the existing buildings and the lack of elements of value, the brief asked for the dismantling of the existing structures except one medium sized building hosting a restaurant.

Scopul proiectului

The project for the new Agro Food Market is part of a general policy of the Buftea Council to renovate and consolidate the properties of the municipality, the project being as much a restructuring of a degraded area and a sustainable investment from an economical point of view. The project had to integrate all the functions that grew there in the last 20 years – food and non-food shops. The brief asked for the preservation of all the rentable spaces (including indications for rentable areas) for whom the owners asked for the continuation of the lease in the new building. We had to provide spaces for butcher shop, cheese, fish, milk and eggs, each of them having specific rentable areas. The main objective was to have new modern spaces for the Agro Food Market with state of the art spaces for selling fresh meat, cheese, fish, flowers, fruits and vegetables, but also other shops for food or non-food. The restructuring of the public spaces around was implicit and we took this as the main focus for the architecture project, correlating to it the functional problems of the market and the best user experience. The budget that we had to respect was around 900000 Euro, a small amount for a fully equipped 2180sqm building.

Descrierea proiectului

Seeing the existing situation we wanted a building completely open for public to both streets with a double height well-lit main hall, showing the shift from rural to urban environment. Given the very tight budget, we decided to use the most economic solutions of structure and finishes, working on the proportions of the space and the constructive elements. We used a regular semi-prefabricated concrete structure for all the spaces, and typical sandwich panels for the exterior. The building is defined by three main volumes. Two L-shaped volumes host the small spaces (shops, offices, services) and define spatially the third one – the empty volume of the main hall. The space remaining between the two L-shaped volumes is completely glazed and thus allowing the main hall to be used mostly without artificial lighting. It also generates the accesses to the main hall from the street and from the parking which is situated in depth of the plot. The difference in density and height between the 23 August and Oltului streets is taken into account in our design. The L-shaped volume on 23 August street is only one floor and displays an array of shops, while the façade on Oltului street has two floors, shops opened to the street on the ground floor and offices on the 1st floor. The corner is emphasized through the recessed entrance which allows the possibility of public space where people meet and talk when entering or exiting the market on foot or by bike. The corner is furthermore accentuated by a prismatic metal frame on top of the main hall volume which can act as a structure for advertising.


We had positive reactions from the people when we visited the site for taking pictures or buying fresh products from the market while discretely observing how the building works. The shops are beginning to be occupied, both towards the street as well as the dedicated spaces for meat and fish opened towards the main hall. We were told that also in winter when there was a power failure and the A/C was turned off inside the temperature never went below 7˚C when -20 ˚C outside. In summer also, the inside temperature is fine and the A/C is rarely turned on. On the downside, the 1st floor gallery with non food shops is having a rough start in terms of visitors/business, even if the stair is quite visible and there is also an elevator. In the news, the building was well received, „a modern complex with contemporary facilities, sheltered by a direct customer-oriented construction” For us, as architects, due to the budget we had to concede some small changes and we did observe all the misalignments or hastily realized details. However, in an overall view, we think that the building is working as we expected in terms of use, functionality, light, proportions, both within and with the surroundings.

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