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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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Threshold House

Proiect înscris de

Eva Patricia Sirbu

Informaţii despre proiect

Rezidențial - locuințe colective
Balotesi, Ilfov Dumbrava Vlasiei, Balotesti, Ilfov

Echipa de proiect

arh. Eva Patricia Sîrbu, arh. Horia Călin Cristescu

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Stadiu incipient

A community in the middle of nature, a house with multiple thresholds, a constantly changing volume, found in a state of a perpetual waltz with nature, gardens with different stories, a sunken living room and a suspended hammock on the façade, which urges you to dream, are some of the elements that form the Threshold House. Dumbrava Vlăsiei is a new development near Bucharest, surrounded by a forest, wanting to become an autonomous community that offers both tranquility, being in the middle of nature, but also the dynamic lifestyle found in a big city.

Scopul proiectului

Although the proposed site is a specific lot in the Dumbrava Vlăsiei community, the threshold house proposes a new typology of single-family housing in Romania, giving an alternative to the, not so pleasing, wide spread models that appear in the suburbs of the country. The combination of a small plot, small footprint, the interior and outdoor spaces designed make it the perfect candidate.

Descrierea proiectului

The house explores its relationship with the context, being focused on three main themes: house-community, house-garden, house-nature. The house-community relationship is semi-private, in which the user decides the degree of intimacy of the house and of the gardens. The reception garden is a public space assumed by the set back position of the house, and the perforated metal sheet filter-walls act as a mediator between public and private spaces, thus all the spaces behind these filters have a changing degree of intimacy depending on the user's preference, from a semi-private space to a private space. The user decides when he wants or when he does not want to open his living space to the community. Therefore the house changes according to the user's mood. The house-garden relationship. The garden is an extension of the interior spaces, each garden reflects the role and function of the space it is in connection with. The "reception garden" is an augmented exterior vestibule, "the spice garden" is in connection with the kitchen area, "the garden of the sunken living room" maximizes the interior-exterior relationship, and the "leisure garden" is a second living room, completely exterior, with a hammock, fireplace and open-air projections wall, in the middle of nature. The house-nature relationship. The opening of the house to nature is mediated by the connection of the interior spaces to the outside, at ground level through the thematic gardens and first floor level through the intermediate space that is created between the house and the green wall. This green façade is subject to the changing seasons, thus the house lives and changes its appearance in the rhythm of nature.



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