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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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Amenajare interioara spatiu birouri

Interior design office space

Proiect înscris de

Bogdan Neagu

Informaţii despre proiect

Clădiri de birouri
4500 mp
2 250 000 euro
Bucuresti b-dul Timisoara nr 26, Mall Plaza

Echipa de proiect

Techo, MTT
Mega Image Romania
arh. Bogdan Neagu, arh. Dana Stanciucu, arh. Iulian Oanta

- Raul Nicu - arhitect- Mega Image
- Alexandru Scarlat - arhitect

Stadiu incipient

Summary of the theme of the contest, launched by Mega Image for their new headquarters:" We are a “different” company with fresh and avant-garde ideas"

Scopul proiectului

the creation of an iconic image of the arrangement, able to represent the concepts of the Mega Image trust.

Descrierea proiectului

The main element of the concept is the red multifaceted reception which marks the limits of the public area with the conference rooms from the offices. The theme of the multifaceted volumes was extended, but the finishing touch was changed to fit the different requirements of the varied functional areas. Consequently, wood finishing was used for the conference area open to the public. As for the offices, the facets were made with a variety of colours. Another element of the concept was the separation case on the central hallway which also has the role of a bench with different level variations which facilitate comfort and socialisation. The cafeteria tables were personalised in the same vein of reissuing the two levels through an inclined plane. In this record-making inclined plane there is a little flower stand. The separation between departments is made through the conference rooms which were dynamically personalised to create markers in the office space. The purpose of this choice was to create a smooth transition between different aesthetic approaches in a space of almost 4000 sqm., avoiding the usage of the same kind of aesthetic in every space.


the arrangement is highly appreciated by the users, and the fact that the trust has a department specialized in optimizing the needs of the employees has led to the rental of the new expansion, completed in 2019.

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