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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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Spațiul comercial Chitila

Commercial Space Chitila

Proiect înscris de

Elena Ștefănescu-Marcu
S.C. Atelier SEA S.R.L.

Informaţii despre proiect

Centre comerciale
800000 euro
București Șoseaua Chitilei, nr. 221, sector 1, București

Echipa de proiect

S.C. Atelier SEA S.R.L.
Consstar S.R.L.
Euro Accional S.R.L.
arh. Elena Ștefănescu-Marcu, arh. Andrei Ștefănescu, arh. Liviu-Vlad Moraru, arh. Roxana Sobaru

- Rareș Bentu - inginer structurist
- Adrian Călin - inginer instalații
- Nicolas Triboi - peisagistică
- Andrei Bogdan - sistematizare verticală

Stadiu incipient

The former building that operated as a bus station during the communist period, known as „Autogara Chitila”, has been abandoned for several years. The pictures describe better ts state: leakages, broken windows, demolished walls and finishes, bad pavements. Moreover, the structure has been affected over time. The plot is situated at the end of the distributor ring where the trams and buses from Bucharest have a terminus point. It is a connection point between Ilfov and Bucharest.

Scopul proiectului

The goal of the project is to revitalize the area by transforming the existing building into a proximity commercial space. For sustainability of the business, the building was set to be extended. As well, the consolidation and rehabilitation of the existing space were mandatory. For the exterior spaces, a coherent concept for a new public space is integrated with the landscape design.

Descrierea proiectului

- Valorize the existing building; - Dialogue between the exiting building and the extension – by creating space between old elements and new ones; - Opening the building towards the bus and tram station through a public space; - Using natural light on the interior through the illuminator like a passage couvert; - Facades – expressing the different phases of the construction through different materials. On the new volume, installation for the climbing plants will be made; - An innovative landscape design that creates a public space in the neighborhood and a micro-climate; - Materials: brick, concrete, metal, black panels as background.


The existing building is improved and thus continues its life. The quality of the entire plot is increased by plating over 30% of the surface and by creating a micro-climate through the landscape design. The deteriorated exterior slab is completely replaced, and hydrocarbons separator is installed. Through the intervention, the auto area is reduced, and the green area is augmented. Sustainability is obtained by reactivating a space in a major transport terminus point in the city and by using efficient systems for insulation, heating, rain water, filtration of wasted water form parking, equipment with low energy consumption. The project improves the quality of commercial life in the area and for people that transit it through the public transport. The new public space is the key activator for the neighborhood.

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