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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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Magazin concept Domenii

Domenii Concept Store

Proiect înscris de

Elena Ștefănescu-Marcu
S.C. Atelier SEA S.R.L.

Informaţii despre proiect

Centre comerciale
1400 mp
800000 euro
București Bulevardul Ion Mihalache, nr.128 C

Echipa de proiect

S.C. Atelier SEA S.R.L.
Axa Trans Construct SRL
Mega Image
arh. Elena Ștefănescu-Marcu, arh. Andrei Ștefănescu, arh. Marius Manea, arh. Roxana Sobaru

- Relu Iordan - inginer structurist
- Adrian Călin - inginer instalații electrice
- Luis Oelberg - instalații ventilație
- Geni Manolache - instalații sanitare

Stadiu incipient

Situated in Bucharest, in the middle of one of the major traditional food market -Domenii, the existing building played a role in the social and commercial life of the neighborhood. The concrete building from 1950-1960 has a spectacular geometry: cylindrical concrete roof, double height and an unutilized basement of over 400 square meters. However, during time, there were multiple layers that covered the original shape like gypsum ceilings, hidden windows and several layers on the floor. Furthermore, time affected the structure in the basement.

Scopul proiectului

The goal of the project is to revitalize a commercial existing building and to give it back to the community at an actual standard. The aim is to create a quality architecture for a commercial sustainable business. Architecture objectives: - Valorize the existing architecture and respecting its geometry; - Using natural light in the interior space; - Dialogue between new elements and the existing building- for example using poured concrete for the spiral stair that connects all tree levels; - Facade - the new vertical volume on the façade will be a signal of the building and will mark the commercial point of interest. Although the entrance is quite narrow, the volume develops on height with the aim of being visible from distance; - Continuity between the exterior and the interior space by using the same material as wood.

Descrierea proiectului

The analysis of the section of the existing building concluded with the building having a huge potential. An important point was to transform the existing space that had only one commercial floor in a three-story building by using the abandoned basement and by building a new floor. An innovative interior concept: - Bringing forward the architecture of the ‘60s; - A new experience for the customers to rediscover an existing building of their neighborhood; - Communication between the three levels though a helicoidal concrete stair poured in wood mold that connects the three levels; - Innovation consists in discovering the beauty of the hidden “shell” of the building, by reshaping the section to gain more space and by bringing back natural light to the interior through uncovering and replacing the existing windows; - Using the new concrete stair element to relate with the existing concrete roof; - Opening the basement by cutting into the existing slab opening two spans; - Entrance through a bridge with an overview over the basement; - Every level is dedicated to a different commercial destination: traditional store on the ground floor, a wine gallery in the basement and a “fromage” corner, bio products on the new level; - Materials: concrete, wood, metal, white and black as background.


The quality of the existing building is increased by consolidation works, fire safety measures and quality finishes. The project respects the existing architecture and architect that created the beautiful shapes that were hidden by time and insensitive interventions. Furthermore, it is obtained a more economic use of the same constructed area by reinventing the section of the building and by bringing to the surface an abandoned basement and building a new floor. Sustainability results from increasing the life of the building that accommodates the new commercial function in the middle of the city. The project contributes to improving the social and commercial life of the neighborhood Domenii. By addressing to the community in the neighborhood, in the center of the market, this commercial building is already integrated in the life of the rhythm of the area.

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