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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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Jandarmeriei Boutique Residence

Jandarmeriei Boutique Residence

Proiect înscris de

Adrian Serban Cancer-Zeana
Square One

Informaţii despre proiect

Rezidențial - locuințe colective
3244 mp
3.600.000 euro
Bucuresti str Jandarmeriei 3E, sector 1, Bucuresti

Echipa de proiect

Square One
in curs de ofertare
Horomnea Catalin Constantin
arh. Adrian Serban Cancer-Zeana, arh. Matei Molnar

- Cosmin Andreescu - Proiectant rezistenta
- Bogdan Ionita - Proiectant instalatii electrice
- Odette Anghel - Proiectant instalatii termo-ventilare
- Luminita Tarla - Proiectant instalatii sanitare

Stadiu incipient

The project is situated in the northern part of Bucharest, in an area that is currently under development. The immediate vicinity of the site features dense vegetation, little infrastructure and very few buildings, however, due to the existence of major urban poles situated relatively close by, this region has been gathering the attention of investors throughout.

Scopul proiectului

Given these circumstances, the focus of this project was about creating a landmark of sorts, that will catalyse the future development of this region, and that will attract buyers despite the current standing of the immediate surroundings of the site.

Descrierea proiectului

Our approach to designing this residential project followed 3 major design paths: aesthetic, functionality and ecology. First, it was our choice to implement a strong, unique aesthetic. The facades are layered into two separate planes, emphasized by finishes with differing roughness: the front-most is defined by the balconies, with a coarse rendered finish, and the second is defined by the building envelope itself, finished in glossy white glass panels. Our choice of aesthetic relies heavily on the use of glass, the facades being comprised of over 55% glazing. To emphasize this design choice, we further opted to use curved glass panels for the corners of the building, as well as printed glass panels featuring a gradient from opaque white to clear glass. The second design path that we followed revolves around the functional aspects of the building. Our concept offers generous indoor spaces and a very large variety of apartment configurations, among which two duplex apartments with double-height living room areas, featuring 6m high glazed panels. Furthermore, our design revolves around the use of deep balconies and full-height windows for all apartments, that will allow the users to enjoy the natural scenery around the building.


Lastly, a major driving factor for our design was the ecological aspect, which, in our belief, will help not only to alleviate the growing pollution problems that Bucharest has but will also represent a key selling point of the project. The building has over 1000m2 of glazed panels and receives direct sunlight on 3 facades. In order to reduce cooling needs during summer months, we opted to use printed glass panels for many of the windows, featuring a gradient from clear to opaque, which help shade the interior of the building and also play into the general aesthetic of the facades. Besides this factor, our design also heavily relies on the use of planted surfaces, both on the ground level, as well as on every balcony in the building. This results in the need for a large volume of water required to irrigate the 500m2 of plantable soil. To compensate for this, we implemented a rain-water reclamation system, which collects rain-water from all terraces and balconies, and stores it in an underground tank for future use.

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