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Kieser House - Restauration

Proiect înscris de

Mihai Corneliu Driscu
Arc En Ciel Birou de Arhitectura

Informaţii despre proiect

Rezidențial - locuințe colective
3320 mp
2.208.700 RON
Iasi, Romania Str. 14 Decembrie 1989, nr. 1, Iasi

Echipa de proiect

Arc En Ciel Birou de Arhitectura
Demo Edil S.R.L
S.C Fagi Imobiliale S.R.L
arh. Mihai Corneliu Driscu

- Ovidiu Petcu - Inginer
- Vasile Filip - Inslatatii
- Monica Canianopol - Arhitect
- Coneliu Ciobanasu - Sef proiect specialist M.C.C.

Stadiu incipient

The previous State of the Site The history of this building is lost in the darkness of time. Even if it is known that this building originally belonged to the “Kieser” family, nothing is known about its members. “Kieser House”, known in recent period of time more by hosting the “ Mihai Eminescu” Library which operated on its ground floor, is one of the few buildings in Iasi that still retains the architectural style of the beginning of the nineteenth century, being one of the oldest heritage buildings in Iasi with four floors . The building suffered an impressive number of earthquakes, resulting in characteristic cracks and structural degradations. - cracks and vertical and sloping cracks in masonry; - stairs degradation; - East façade wall, with dislocations of plasters, fractures and completely destroyed chimneys, inclined fractures and much more. In the inner courtyard is still a small well preserved "havuz"(a little fountain) and on the frontispiece of the building is placed a mysterious coat of arms, representing a shield with three arrows pointing down, flanking a knight with a high visor. Above the helmet can be seen two wings, and between them a kind of "tepusa"(pointed stick), everything framed in the unknown symbolism. Casa Kieser, as one of the oldest heritage buildings of such importance in Iasi, was built between1881-1914, the imposing building had opened to the narrow street in the center of Iasi. According to the representatives of the Public and Private Patrimony Administration (DAPPP) within the City Hall, in 1950, when the building was nationalized by Decree 50, given the same year, the 17 apartments of the building were inhabited by the tenants of the Iasi municipality, for 54 years.This building, which was built in 1881 by the engineer Kieser, but was put into use much later in 1914, was restituted in 2004 to a heir, Ana Iavloschi.

Scopul proiectului

The purpose of the Intervention The aim of this intervention was essentially to give the city, at its most important point, something of its former glory, but also the opportunity to render it contemporary, both by reviving its functions, creating new ones and increasing attractiveness of the former city center.

Descrierea proiectului

Project Description The proposed functional profile - collective housing and commercial spaces, represents the implementation of some activities complementary to those existing in the area.The new investment will represent an evolution in terms of aesthetic quality as well as a recovery of the historical past values of the capital city of Moldova. It is proposed the consolidation, restoration and arrangement of the existing building. This will not change the initial function of the collective home with commercial spaces on the ground floor, but the building will be strengthened structurally; and the cover will be completely changed, the old roof will becomes a two-level attic with apartments. The existing building will be refurbished with the restoration of the finishes and installations and with the existing underground storage (for technical and storage spaces).The commercial spaces on the ground floor will be rearranged, and on the upper floors will be proposed apartments with 2, 3 or 4 rooms. On the ground floor level will be kept the commercial spaces with street opening 14 December 1989, but the configuration of the showcases will be changed, trying to restore the initial appearance of the building.


The location of the building in the historic center of the city, in the shape of an "classy" aparence embedded in the continuous street front, implies high density, lack of green areas and polluted air; our intervention already begun will lead to the creation of a micro-climate inside the existing courtyard, extending down to the basement level, protected by a steel and glass closure that will improve natural lighting and ventilation of the whole building. Also, in order to increase the connection between the public and the existing spaces, there will be a floor withdrawn between the ground floor and the basement, which will be will be transformed into public spaces for leisure and entertainment.

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