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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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Râul Someș

Someş River

Proiect înscris de

Mayoral Moratilla José

Informaţii despre proiect

Arhitectură peisagistică
166,884 m2
34,621,924 Euro
Cluj Bulevardul 1 Decembrie

Echipa de proiect

Primăria și consiliul local CLUJ-NAPOCA
arh. Daroca Jaime , arh. Mayoral José, arh. Sierra José Ramón

- Planwerk - arhitectul local consultant
- Aqua Prociv - Inginerie consultant
- Landlab - arhitect peisagistic consultant
- Ciont Nicolae - inginer de trafic
- EuROBB Energy - electric inginer consultant

Stadiu incipient

The Somes River crosses the city of Cluj-Napoca passing by many different areas, the city center, the airport, parks, industrial areas, and communist housing neighborhoods from the 60 and 70’s. The relationship between the city and the river has deteriorated over the years. Today, the city fails to benefit from this great asset and turns its back on the river leaving the shore empty of uses or programs that could foster the relationship. Over the last several decades, the river has been understood as hard infrastructure, a duct, which has had the primary goal of transporting energy, electricity and water. This condition is clearly visible at the banks of the river with the electrical towers that stretch across 15 kilometers and indicate its infrastructural nature. In addition, containing concrete walls domesticate the river and establish a drastic height difference, limiting the visual relationship between passersby and the river. Due to this physical barrier, there are many areas where people are not aware of the river’s existence despite its proximity.

Scopul proiectului

The conflictive relationship between the river and the city encouraged the beneficiary to rethink this relationship through an international urban and landscape design competition. This competition aimed to make evident the benefits of connecting the city and the river by conceptually reshaping the waterfront, highlighting the landscape and ecological value, proposing new means of using the water and riverbanks, identifying the vocation of this natural city axis to transform the public spaces which it crosses and inserting new programs in the neighborhood of the watercourse. The project aims to enhance urban life in the main spine of Cluj Napoca and will be built with public funding. While the European Union will finance the implementation, additional support from the municipality of Cluj Napoca will be essential for the interventions that are not eligible for European funding

Descrierea proiectului

Producing a diverse range of solutions to the varied conditions of the river Somes, this proposal reimagines the role of the river as it crosses through Cluj-Napoca for over 15 kilometers. The Somes River is no longer understood as a thin line that divides the city in half but rather as a thick band that is part of Cluj-Napoca, incorporating distinct ecological systems and integrating public space. The Somes is envisioned as an urban connector of public spaces and green areas as well as the primary circulation path for pedestrians and bicycles. Thus, this proposal aims to bridge that gap between the river and the city. Firstly, a system of terraces expands the river’s edge and allows it to permeate into the urban fabric. As the river section is widened, the existing hard edge is transformed into a softer and more natural environment with the inclusion of local vegetation, rocks and sand. This system of terraces allows the river to become more accessible and incorporates areas for recreation where a diverse range of activities can unfold. Secondly, a system of longitudinal bicycle and pedestrian paths give continuity to the circulation routes along the river, currently fragmented, and allows the Somes to become the primary spine of movement throughout the city. Thirdly, a system of diagonal paths aims to stitch the river and its immediate context. These paths redefine the existing urban connections by extending them to the water’s edge, creating a visual, and physical, connection between the city fabric and the river.


Following the competition process, the project is being designed and contextualized by engaging with key local actors and integrating their inputs; citizen feedback following public debates, insights from the municipality and comments from local architects and engineers. These inputs are reshaping and, thus, grounding and enhancing the project that won the international competition which will have a positive impact, not only in the areas adjacent to the river but, given the scale of the project, across the entire city of Cluj Napoca. As the project is being developed, the main ambitions stay intact. On one hand, the Somes will be re-naturalized as concreate barriers will be removed and natural species and ecologies will be introduced to reconquer the shores. Close to two thousand new trees will be planted. The Somes will be the necessary platform that will support sustainable mobility in the city of Cluj-Napoca as the main axis for pedestrian and bike transportation with five new kilometers of bike paths and six new kilometers of pedestrian alleyways. In addition, three bridges will be built that will stich neighborhoods together at both sides of the river. Finally, a new system of public spaces will transform the river edge with over 18,200 new square meters of public squares.

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