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Loft Green Apartments

Loft Green Apartments

Proiect înscris de

Gabriel Focșeneanu
Ecovillas Company

Informaţii despre proiect

Rezidențial - locuințe colective
12900 mp
7 milioane euro
Mogoșoaia Sos. Bucuresti - Targoviste, nr. 219, bloc I

Echipa de proiect

SDH Architecture SRL & Maxim Calujac
Ecovillas Company
arh. Maxim Calujac, arh. Maxim Calujac

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Stadiu incipient

The housing complex is built from scratch on a land of 10,000 sqm, the ground footprint being very low - below 25%. The land it’s located between two forests, at the exit of Mogoşoaia. After a full cleaning process, we started building in the autumn of 2018. On this land there were weeds, after the destruction of an orchard from the time of communism. We want residents to have enough space for outdoor recreation, so the ground footprint is 2,300 square meters, the rest of the land being used only for alleys, green spaces and parking lots.

Scopul proiectului

The purpose of this real estate project is to bring on the Romanian real estate market a unique concept and to educate the public to buy quality housing with a low impact on the environment. Our homes are 100% ecofriendly, built with sustainable materials that fully respect passive house construction. The investment in this project is 7 million euros, and expectations are high in changing the perception of customers to buy quality, environmentally friendly homes at a normal price for the Romanian real estate market. Our project brings the most benefits to the residents through low maintenance, comfort, location, interior and exterior design, innovations and technologies used in energy consumption.

Descrierea proiectului

The Housing Complex is a unique concept in Romania and promotes a green living model, being 100% ecofriendly. The three four floors buildings have one-, two- and three-rooms apartments, with a total of 154 apartments. It’s located in the best area of the North of Bucharest, in Mogoşoaia, surrounded by green spaces, between two forests. Each home is unique either by interior design or by partitioning of living space. They are soft-loft-style apartments. The architecture of the buildings is modern, each building has the shape of a diamond and is positioned taking into account the brightness, intimacy and the view. They are designed to bring natural light to the home regardless of the time of day or season. This can be done thanks to the high windows from floor to ceiling (2.9 meters). At this project, we value our surroundings, and from every corner of the apartment you can see the forest in the immediate vicinity. The apartments are built on a passive house standard and promote a green living style, being 100% ecofriendly: • We have zero CO2 emissions in the production of thermal energy, the heating is done by geothermal pumps. • The residents benefit from intelligent ventilation of the house with fresh air throughout the year. • Heating costs in a winter month are well below those of a standard apartment – it’s paid less than 100 lei/month for a 3-room apartment due to geothermal pumps that provide both heating and cooling of the apartments during summer. • Low heating costs are due to the minimization of heat loss with good insulation and quality materials The complex also offers other benefits for residents such as: the location (near Mogoşoaia Palace, schools, quick access to the North area of Bucharest, clean air, quietness of the area, nearby football fields, Stirbei Palace is a few minutes away, means of public transportation in front of the complex), children's playground, commercial spaces on the ground floor of the buildings, green area in the courtyard with alleys where you can ride a bicycle. In developing our project, we have taken into account that the impact on the environment to be minimal. That's why we are now praising with 100% ecofriendly apartments and promoting a green living style. As a positive impact on the environment, there are: • We have no gas, zero CO2 emissions for thermal energy production • We do not have air conditioning, summer cool is provided free by our intelligent ventilation system • 2.9 meters windows - positioning for good brightness throughout the day reducing power consumption • The apartments only receive energy from renewable sources • 100% selective waste collection • Electrical car charging stations to encourage residents to buy electric cars • Car sharing system to reduce traffic pollution • Training of residents to use only energy efficient appliances (partnership with a company for the purchase of efficient household appliances) • 7,500 sqm of green spaces, alleys, parking lots of a total of 10,000 sqm • The dwellings are connected to the public water and sewerage system • A commercial area on the ground floor of buildings so the residents do not have to go by car shopping • Video surveillance bicycle parking for less pollution by car • Means of public transport in front of the complex • Străuleşti metro station within a 7-minute drive, where there is also an intermodal junction Another TECHNICAL DETAILS: ● Resistance beams hidden in the ceiling ● Integral ceiling of apparent / architectural concrete ● Sustainable interior finishes - brick walls, color at the customer's choice ● 2.9 meters height Windows, Tripan, 6 rooms, 3 rows of glass, low e, 4 seasons, with the latest generation thermal protection ● Drainage system for pluvial waters in the collector channel of 1500 mm diameter ● Underfloor heating ● Individual metering of utilities; Enel, cold / warm water, heat ● Heating system with 2 geothermal heat pumps/ building - import Sweden ● Thermal insulation 15 cm heat insulating material ● Passive cooling system with heat pump ● PAX ventilation system imported from Sweden ● Optical fiber directly into the apartment ● Underground parking, overground parking ● Playground for children


The project help the enviorement by the way that is designed, reducing as much as possible the impact on the environment. Is a very important project for Romania real estate market, a project that wants to give an impuls for quality in other projects, witch will less and not poluate, to achive the ruls of European Union for less energy consumption, using renewable sources. At completition of the construction we propose that the project to be a reference for investors, but also for customers who wants advanced apartments. Technology and inovation that we use in matter of reduce energy consumption, cost of life and the polution, must become a standard in real estate market of Romania and EU. Our objectives are very clear: educating customers to acquire an eco-friendly home, teach them how to use it (ventilation, efficient inside lights and electronics, selective recycling,etc.) and public awareness for a good impact and a good long therm invest of green homes. The actual project is the second on a large scale also for us, but also for Romania with use green energy witch geotermic heat-pumps, the first one is sold three years ago and the prices grew up witch more than 35% and the customer satisfaction is very high about the comfort given by a green and passive home. The perception of the people about our new project is that the apartaments are very special and are very expensive, but in reality in this project they are not. The medium prices of old buildings in Bucharest is the same like our project and this shows that the perception of the customers is wrong and they are very scared for new. Thats why we try to educated the customers to buy properties that brings to them only pluses after they moved in. The project brings benefits to the customers but also to all the neighbours by giving a strip-mall area, with supermarket, farmacy, bank, coffe-shop with free co-working place, parking spaces for charging electrical automobils, offer 5% of land and extending public roads.

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