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Georgeta Gabrea
Georgeta Gabrea BIA

Informaţii despre proiect

Centre comerciale
850 mp
5 500 000 RON

Echipa de proiect

Georgeta Gabrea BIA
In curs de licitare
arh. Georgeta Gabrea, arh. Remus Pencea, arh. Bianca Breban, arh. Ovidiu Sava

Stadiu incipient

The building existing on this site was a part of the building constructed for the Chrissoveloni Family on Lipscani Street nr. 41 (55). It is located in the old centre of Bucharest , in the commercial area of Lipscani street, Blanari street, Gabroveni, street, etc. Being one of the oldest parts of the city , the form of properties is almost known from the documents of the XIX th century. At the beginning, the properties in Lipscani 41(55), and Blanari 21( 15) were a single property. To the Lipscani street was opened the commercial area and to Blanari street were the offices and some appartements.

Scopul proiectului

The resulted space will be used also as a space for exhibitions, art gallery, bookstore, special events . At the second floor corresponding to the attic of Lipscani 55 (Carturesti Carusel) we proposed a caffe with possibility to go to a roof garden on the roof and have a belleview on Blanari street. Now , the image of this building is very bad and damaged. We want to rise the standard of the place and transform this place into a balance of the attraction made by Lipscani 5(Carturesti-Carusel) , on Lipscani street and not only.

Descrierea proiectului

The existing building has a ground floor , a mezzanine , 1 floor and an attic. The proposed project wil have an underground, a ground floor , 1 floor an a second floor corresponding to the former attic. It will be at the same height of the building in Lipscani 55. The general constructed area , excepting the undreground used as technical space will be of about 850,00 sqm. The first building on the plot about which we have some data , had a Building Permit in 1891, for reparing the roof and the facades. This building was demolished after it was bought in 1903 by the Chrissoveloni Family. In 1904 the Family obtained a new Building Permit for the actual building which was designed by Nicolae Cutarida – an important personality of the time . He was an architect as well as a structural engineer and a general contractor. He studied in Vienna, Austria. The inspiration for this project seems to have been a known shop in Vienna on Mariahilferstrasse (Herzmansky and afterwards Gerngross). What was interesting in this new building was the zenithal lighting and the two facades on Lipscani street and Blanari street were wery different. The facade in Blanari street was in natural brick and had an elevator on the facade -in exterior (in the year 1904!). In the yar 2013 the two plots were separated. The project design fot this building is a very difficult one , even if the surfaces are not big. But the technological difficulties of the site and of the existing conditions make of this small project a real challenge. One of the main aims of the project is to reconstruct the brick facade according to the original project of Cutarida and to preserve it as it was in the original form .The former elevator will be brought back in a new image -with glass walls on the original position. We proposed a reinforcement of the old building, we changed the position of the original stair which has now a bad geometry and made of it an important acces to the upper floors. By changing the position of the stairs, natural light may enter to the whole building by the new skylight . At the limit of the property, in the limit of the aproved urbanistic paramethers, we created a wintergarden with a clear facade to Blanari Street (almost glass)


We have great expectations regarding this kind of treatment for the design of this city in order to create a interesting cultural center with pondered balance between the two streets Lipscani and Blanari . Our hope is that this kind of building will gather lots of people becoming a landmark of the old center

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