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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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Proiect înscris de

Ana-Corina Stefanescu

Informaţii despre proiect

Rezidențial - locuințe colective
81239 mp
60 000 000 euro
Pipera, Ilfov Oras Voluntari, sat Pipera, Tarla 49, ILFOV

Echipa de proiect

S.C Prime Kapital S.A
S.C Prime Kapital S.A
arh. Adrian Untaru, arh. Bogdan Brădățeanu, arh. Andrei Șerbescu, arh. Ioana Tănăsie, arh. Esenghiul Abdul, arh. Andreea Ștefania Precup, arh. Constantin Stanciu, arh. Ana Simionescu, arh. Laura Oniga, arh. Traian Iacob, arh. Theodor Dinu, arh. Mihaela Bâcu

- Arh. Radu Stanescu - 3 D Renderings: ARendering
- Ing. Luana Sandu - Mechanical, Water supply, electricity: S.C. ALMA INSTAL PRO S.R.L.
- Ing. Mihai Dima - Structure: S.C. EDIT Structural S.R.L.
- Arh. Esenghiul Abdul - Pedestrian landscape design: S.C. BEROS ABDUL ARHITECTI ASOCIATI S.R.L.
- Arh. Christian Beros - Pedestrian landscape design: S.C. BEROS ABDUL ARHITECTI ASOCIATI S.R.L.
- Ing. Mihai Preda - Facade Design: S.C. ALU GLASS TECHNIK S.R.L

Stadiu incipient

Previous state of the site The plot is located in Pipera neighborhood, Voluntari, near Bucharest, the site is connected to the city by one main road - Pipera Road. The land is free of any built structures, it has a relative regular shape and oriented at an ~45-degree angle to the North. It has approx. 8ha (78 961 sqm). On the NE side it is bordered by “Balta Pipera” a lake that can be efficiently used to create a desirable zone near it. Other important connections are: Aurel Vlaicu Intl. Airport and the railroad connecting Bucharest to the east. Natural features include the lakes located in the north of Bucharest and Baneasa forest. The area lacks historical buildings, it is more of a newly developed business and administration neighborhood with some residential developments. During the last century, the site was not built but used as agricultural land (some orchards were planted before 1990). There are some connections that were kept through time such as “Pipera Road”, the railway and “Petricani Street”. These links can be seen more or less on the same position from 1852 until now. The urban fabric belonging to Bucharest never developed as far as it does nowadays, therefore developments in these areas are imminent and opportunistic. Regarding the vicinities and important features that influence the development, the site is close to several landmarks such as Herastrau Park(9min)., the Lakes north of the city (10-20min.), Promenada Mall (5min.), Pipera Business Center and Metro Line M1 going downtown (8min.), IKEA and Baneasa Shopping City (15min.), British School of Bucharest (13min.), Medicover Hospital (15min.), Baneasa Zoo (12min.).

Scopul proiectului

Scope of intervention The masterplan will deliver an environment of a quality that is missing in this part of Bucharest as well as raise the standard for residential developments. High quality private open space for use by residents is a major focus of community living, being a place of gathering, communal activity and civic pride.

Descrierea proiectului

Project description The site is large enough to accommodate a mix of housing types across private and affordable tenure and for all generations, whether it be together as families, or as individuals and everywhere in between. Type A – Apartments, Type B – Townhouses, Type C – Detached Houses, Type H – Villas, Type S – The Club House. In total, we have 793 units, 5 categories, 44 layouts. By developing a parking system that manages to mask the cars without affecting the efficiency of entry/exit manouvers the design focuses on the natural and built environment that has a valuable impact on day-to-day living. Just a main road for car circulation. The rest of it are alleys, bike paths and platforms design to be walkable. All the internal roads and sidewalks will be designed to facilitate pedestrian circulation and crossings. No height difference between finish levels will further encourage walking, roller-skating, skate-boarding etc. The quality of living increases this way, therefore the community will thrive minimizing disruptions in daily activities and movements. Active frontages that will add life and vibrancy to the street and the area through front doors on to streets, and appropriate design and materials which will enhance the existing context without having car circulations disturbing the daily activities. Each design element has a purpose, each element can be studied through functionality, durability and beauty; In short function over form. At the same time, we are very cognizant of the fact that a home is an incredibly intimate space, a personal experience and an important investment and as a developer we see it as our responsibility to respect these considerations before we think about profits.


People • A Quality Place: To foster a sense of place through local participation which harnesses the local features of the site and its surroundings. • Sustainable lifestyles: To encourage well-being, promote sustainable and healthy living which is connected to the outdoors and improves quality of life. • High Quality Homes: To create high-quality homes and a safe and healthy environment. Environment • Biodiversity: Improve biodiversity and enhance the local conservation area by providing clear linkages to surrounding green spaces (this will be further developed in the landscape design phase) • Sustainable design: An energy strategy that focuses on minimising use and meeting European Codes and Standards for energy efficiency • Quality of life: To improve the quality of life of residents and the local community through the inclusion of external green amenity spaces and the creating and enhancementof public realm.

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