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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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Proiect înscris de

Ana-Corina Stefanescu

Informaţii despre proiect

Rezidențial - locuințe colective
9.645 m²
7 040.115 euro
Bucuresti, Romania Strada Sfintii Voievozi 22-24, Bucuresti, Romania

Echipa de proiect

S.C Salzburg Development S.A (Urban Spaces)
S.C Salzburg Development S.A (Urban Spaces)
arh. Andrei Șerbescu, arh. Adrian Untaru, arh. Bogdan Brădăţeanu, arh. Petra Bodea, arh. Valentina Ţigâră, arh. Elena Maior, arh. Traian Iacob, arh. Chan-Woo Park, arh. Radu Constantin, arh. Adrian Bratu, arh. Diana Buța

- Ing. Neacșu Mircea - Structure: S.C INCONA S.R.L
- Ing. Andrei Gerea - Structure: S.C INCONA S.R.L
- Ing. Luana Sandu - Mechanical, Water supply, electricity: SC. ALMA INSTAL PRO S.R.L
- Arh. Cristian Pârvulescu - Mechanical, Water supply, electricity: SC. ALMA INSTAL PRO S.R.L
- Ing. Adrian Sandu - Mechanical, Water supply, electricity: SC. ALMA INSTAL PRO S.R.L
- Ing. George State - Mechanical, Water supply, electricity: SC. ALMA INSTAL PRO S.R.L
- Arh. Adrian Bratu - 3 D Renderings

Stadiu incipient

Previous state of the site The plot is located on Sfinții Voievozi Street, a typical street for the central area of Bucharest, with isolated villas in the middle of the yard, wagon-houses, buildings from the interwar period and insertions from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The gerenal volume is decomposed through several movements and set-backs that sequence the perception of the building and nuances the relationship to the neighbouring houses and the fragmentary surroundings.

Scopul proiectului

Scope of intervention The building searches to preserve, at its own scale, the porosity and "profoundness" of the deep, narrow plots. Like many other places in Bucharest, here too arises the need to somehow piece together mixed bits and pieces from the neighborhood, which overlapped throughout time. The intervention proposes a community of 55 apartments, a office space and a commercial unit. This need is accompanied by an attempt to recover some of the either restrained or whimsical elegance of Bucharest's architecture where means such as the play on surfaces, textures, nuances of finishes, depth of folds or the emphasis of edges and creases were used in its creation. The overlapping enclosures as well as the mixture of materials and nuances could also be regarded as a different type of fragmentation.

Descrierea proiectului

Project description The volume facing the street is less compact divided in three blocks: A,B, C. The ground floor is taller and stays open to the street, which is not necessarily typical for this side of town or for Bucharest itself. That which can be referred to as typical, however, is the random encounter, on a street corner, crossroad, alley or in the courtyard of a more upscale house, of a shop or a small neighborhood bar. It is in this type of unordered, small scale, neighborhood that we imagine our opening towards the street, for the courtyard and the buildings on Sfintii Voievozi Street 20-24, to fit in.


Impact evaluation At the same time, the project proposes a type of habitation which we consider suitable for the center of the contemporary city: a place where the relatively small spaces and the density are complemented by diversity and common spaces. Most of the apartments are different from one another, not only in size, but especially in typology.

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