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Proiect înscris în ediția 2019 a Romanian Building Awards
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EFdeN Signature

EFdeN Signature

Proiect înscris de

Silvana Rădulescu
Asociația Solar Decatlon București

Informaţii despre proiect

Rezidențial - locuințe colective
150 mp
290 000 Euro
București Bd. Pache Protopopescu, nr. 66

Echipa de proiect

Asociația Solar Decatlon București
Asociația Solar Decatlon București
Asociația Solar Decatlon București
arh. Adrian Chelariu, arh. Daniel Armenciu

- Dorina Onescu-Tărbujaru - Faculty Advisor
- Andrei Neațu - Site Operation Coordinator
- Mihai Băiceanu - Mechanical Department Coordinator
- Dalia Stoian - Electrical Department Coordinator
- Eduard Răducanu - Electrical Engineer
- Ruxandra Caraenache - Interior Design Coordinator
- Nicole Lefter - Architecture Department Coordinator
- Nicoleta Cruceanu - Project Coordinator
- Mihai Toader-Pasti - General Manager

Stadiu incipient

The site for EFdeN Signature solar house prototype is located on the premises of Faculty of Building Services. In the university’s campus there is already a solar house prototype, EFdeN4C, developed by team EFdeN. The starting point for EFdeN4C is the international competition for solar architecture and integrated technologies, Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, Versailles. After the competition ended, it was rebuild and it became the first Research Centre for Comfort Conditions in Romania. Along with this significant achievement, the team developed other adjacent projects in the same courtyard, based on renewable energy and sustainable principles: -“Campus Hub”, a green area with urban pieces of furniture powered by “Sun e-Tree”, a photovoltaic tree, where not only students can work on their tasks outside or just relax, while having access to free renewable energy and free Wi-Fi, but also the general public -“Sun Drive”, a charging station for electric vehicles

Scopul proiectului

As with EFdeN4C, EFdeN Signature was designed and constructed for the same international competition, Solar Decathlon, this time for the first edition held in the Middle East, Dubai 2018. The multidisciplinary team who conducted this project through all its processes is composed of students from various backgrounds, such as architecture, civil engineering, communication and management. We chose to rebuild EFdeN Signature in the solar campus, next to EFdeN4C and the other small scale sustainable projects, because our goal is to create EFdeN Solar City - an integrated sustainable area that will act as a blueprint for the future cities. Our wish is to develop an organism which will create opportunities to research, prototype and test, while generating communities and highlighting EFdeN’s beliefs and practices. The EFdeN project aims to raise awareness on the way houses are built in Romania today and focuses on promoting a sustainable way of life.

Descrierea proiectului

EFdeN Signature was designed for Dubai’s climate and urban & social contexts and can be adapted to Romania’s context due to the fact that its post-competition reconstruction in Bucharest was taken into consideration since the design phase of the project. In order to respond to harsh climate conditions, intense solar radiation and sandstorms, the house has multiple envelopes, like a cell’s structure, along with transitional spaces. The facade was designed by drawing inspiration from oriental shading elements named “mashrabiya” and romanian traditional models. EFdeN Signature uses biophilic design and connects people with nature by creating a multi-sensorial experience through the use of dynamic and diffuse daylight, warm colors and natural textures integrated into materials. The curtain walls establish a strong visual connection with the large green terrace, making it an integrated part of the interior’s scenery. A compact yet flexible space, along with modular pieces of furniture, allows the users to customize their home according to their changing needs, which can result into one or two night areas or an extended living/dining area. The rising volumes are used to create immaterial limits between spaces with different functions and they also help with hot air evacuation due to high-placed openings. The prototype is energy efficient and has a low carbon footprint due to a careful selection of materials, integration of bioclimatic strategies, simple and efficient equipments and the use of energy from renewable sources provided by the photovoltaic panels. This sustainable approach is achieved without compromising the user’s comfort. For instance, we chose to use cork tiles, a highly recyclable material, as the main interior finishing, thanks to its sound-absorbing properties. One of the most innovative solutions used for a great part of the structural walls is “Ergio-Wall” - a combination between 2 CLT panels joined with timber mullions in the middle, using at least 20% less wood than a standard CLT wall, while maintaining the same structural resistance.


The change that EFdeN Signature brings to the built environment splits into 4 categories: -Active involvement of students in the integrated design and construction process of a solar prototype, who will develop professional skills that are not covered in school curricula, thus shaping the young generation into the future professionals. -Spreading the word about the technical solutions available on the market, their advantages and how to make use of them in order to adopt a sustainable way of life. -Raising awareness on the importance of changing our behavior towards domestic use of non-renewable resources -Actual demonstration of which criteria needs to be met in order to build and maintain a solar-powered and energy efficient house, through the process of monitoring all the comfort parameters and research on optimizing the technical solutions.

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